Eye Surgery LASIK Vs. Glasses and Contacts

Eye Surgery LASIK

A Look at How eye surgery LASIK Stacks Up Against Other Vision Correction Options

Thousands of people in Australia get LASIK laser eye surgery each year, and they all immediately stop wearing their glasses or contacts. Our highly trained LASIK staff here at Person Eyes Clinic can assist you if you have grown tired of corrective lens use. eye surgery LASIK treatment, contact lenses, and eyeglasses are all discussed and compared below.

Prices of LASIK Vs Contacts and Glasses

American consumers spend about $15 billion annually on corrective eyewear. It’s hardly unbelievable, considering how frequently glasses are damaged, misplaced, or lost. An extra set of contacts is a need. 

Moreover, prescriptions for both glasses and contacts must be updated regularly. Whatever the case may be, you can count on an ever-increasing monthly charge.

At Personal Eyes, our LASIK physicians’ goal is to ensure that LASIK eye surgery is affordable for anybody in need of vision correction. This is why most of our patients take advantage of our flexible payment options and financing options. The cost of correcting your vision should never be the deciding factor. We’re here to help you select a monthly plan that works within your means.

LASIK Vs Contacts

To get a better idea of how much money you can expect to spend on LASIK eye surgery, read our full blog post on “Getting LASIK at an affordable rate: how possible”

Benefits of LASIK Vision Correction Vs Contacts and Glasses

Having to wear corrective lenses or glasses might make it difficult to participate in a wide variety of activities. Prescription goggles that won’t slip off your head or shatter easily are a must for even the simplest of daily activities and the most enjoyable of sports.

The majority of LASIK eye surgery patients see quick and dramatic visual improvement. Within a few days of the laser eye treatment, you can go back to your regular routine, including light activity, without needing your contacts or glasses.

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Safety of LASIK vs Contacts and Glasses

Contacts and Glasses

There is a small chance that you could get hurt if you wear glasses and most people who do end up experiencing discomfort report that it’s due to their new or incorrect prescription. 

Nonetheless, contact lens use is not without risk; in fact, there are some that can cause permanent eye damage or even blindness. When contacts are not used or cared for properly, they can cause serious eye problems like infections, abrasions, and ulcers.

When it comes to correcting one’s eyesight, LASIK laser eye surgery is among the safest options now on the market. This operation does not require any cutting instruments and can heal normally without the use of sutures or bandages. Thanks to modern laser technology and careful medical attention, LASIK eye surgery has a high success rate and minimal risks.

When to Get LASIK vs. When to Get Glasses or Contacts

Having visual issues often takes a lot of time. After years of 20/20 vision, six out of ten people start to encounter changes in their forties. The majority of people will probably need to wear glasses for more than half of their lives, according to these numbers. You’ll need more and more time to adjust as your eyesight declines.

LASIK eye surgery is a simple outpatient operation that can permanently improve your eyesight. The procedure itself usually takes between 15 and 30 minutes, and there is minimal recovery time afterward. Just a few days after the laser eye treatment, you should feel well enough to go back to work, drive regularly, and even do some mild exercise.

Lasik Surgery Vs contacts, which one should you get?

Lasik Surgery

Not everyone enjoys the experience of constantly donning a pair of eyeglasses. You have two potential options if you wish to be liberated from them by curing the vision problems that have been plaguing you. Both LASIK eye surgery and contact lenses offer advantages over glasses in specific situations. Come with me as I compare the two outcomes and help you decide which one is better for you.

One’s chance of developing an eye infection when wearing contact lenses is already higher than average, and it rises even higher if one has a habit of dozing off while wearing their lenses. The most commonly seen adverse effects after laser eye treatment include dry eyes and visual abnormalities like glare and halos. 

Scientists have shown that the vast majority of LASIK eye patients are pleased with their results. Femtosecond lasers for blade-free surgery, wavefront-guided lasers, etc. are examples of cutting-edge technology that have drastically simplified and improved the operation.

Excellent eyesight quality can be achieved with either contact lenses or LASIK eye surgery, but there is one important caveat to each. Your eyesight may alter as you age. As a result, this information can be used to quickly modify your contact lens prescription. A second LASIK eye surgery may be necessary if the changes are substantial enough, but this is unusual.

Third, even after laser vision correction, regular eye exams and care are still required. You should buy at least one pair of non-prescription sunglasses that block 100% of the sun’s UV rays, and you should get regular eye exams to monitor for changes in your vision or signs of eye disease. As a result, the question of which is superior becomes paramount. 

As for why, well, that depends on who you ask. You have the option of getting contacts or laser eye treatment if your LASIK eye doctor determines you qualify for both. The laser eye treatment for glasses removal outweighs all other methods in this category due to the numerous benefits it provides. 

This operation requires no stitches and has a short recovery time. The primary benefit of eye surgery with LASIK is that many eye patients report improved vision to 20/20 or better after the procedure.

Over the course of their career, our doctors have successfully completed thousands of eye surgeries on LASIK. Their expertise and commitment to the LASIK eye patients have made them some of the top LASIK surgeons in the country. The team at Personal Eyes is here for you if you’re thinking about pursuing vision correction. We offer free consultations for LASIK eye surgery and welcome your call or email today to learn more or schedule an appointment.


Personal Eyes’ mission is to provide information to everyone interested in learning how to better their eyesight. And if you are seriously considering laser vision correction, you need first ensure that you are a suitable candidate.

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